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Custom PHOTOGRAPH IMPRINT WITH TEXT for Directors Chairs

Vendor: Everywhere Chair

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST PURCHASE A CHAIR THAT CAN BE IMPRINTED WITH THIS ITEM. Purchase the same number of logos as chairs if you want each chair to be customized.


  • Commemorate an occasion, honor a grandparent or recognize an employee with a favorite photograph and message
  • We will place the photo and one line of text in the color of your choice beside it for a unique, personalized chair.
  • Fast turnaround! Ships within two business days of less

These make GREAT GIFTS for teachers, students, co-workers, grandparents and family members. Send us a class picture, a family reunion group shot or any other cherished photoand we will apply it to a directors chair along with any text you specify on up to two lines. We can use any file type (.jpg, .gif, .eps, etc.), however the higher the resolution of the file will result in a better quality picture. The full image file from most cameras today will be fine. Then, add any message you would like to appear under the picture (up to 24 characters). We will customize the back canvas on the inside, outside or both sides of the chair ($32.00 additional for both sides).

Ordering is easy. Purchase any chair that is imprintable along with this item. Purchase the UNCUSTOMIZED VERSION of the chair. If the chair is imprintable, then there will be a box below the order area that will say Personalize This Chair!. As always, if you have any questions, we are ready to answer them at 866-732-8246.

Finally, Go Here to upload your file to us.

Photograph Imprint Description: The Photograph Imprint process starts by adding a matching color border around your digital photograph. Then the picture is color laser printed on a thin film of white special heat imprint vinyl. The vinyl is then cut to size and applied to the canvas under high heat and pressure, fusing the vinyl into the fabric.
Heat Imprinted Text: The heat imprint process is just like sign making - letters are cad cut from colored vinyl and then applied to the canvas under high heat and pressure, fusing the vinyl into the fabric. Choose either block or script lettering. The result looks almost identical to silk screening and is just as durable.


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