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Phifertex Plus Mesh Replacement Cover Set for Directors Chair

Vendor: Everywhere Chair

  • Made from Phifertex Plus material, which is an open weave vinyl coated mesh fabric. Perfect for outdoors or heavy sun environment.
  • We offer these in Round and Flat Stick versions.  The sticks we are referring to are the sticks that go through the ends of the seats.  Our Round Sticks are 1/4 round dowels while the Flat Sticks are 9/16 x 1/4 rectangles.  Both versions sticks are removeable from the seats.
  • Dimensions for both Round and Flat Stick versions are listed below.  We make our covers to fit the Gold Medal brand of director's chairs that we stock.  Please compare your measurements with our listed measurements to confirm that ours will fit your chairs.  There is no Standard size when it comes to directors chairs.

Excellent choice for outdoor or heavy sun environment. This material is a vinyl coated open weave mesh that resists fading and moisture. Being synthetic, it resists mildew and is easily cleaned with soap and water. Please check the dimensions listed below if using on chair brand other than Gold Medal.
Read our Buying Guide on how to Purchase and Install Directors Chair Covers.

Round Stick Dimensions:
Seat: 19 1/2w X 15 1/4d
Back: 21 1/2w X 6 1/2h

Flat Stick Dimensions:
Seat: 22.5w X 15 1/4d
Back: 21 1/2w X 6 1/2h


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