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HowdaSeat Shearling Liner

Vendor: Everywhere Chair

A plush, comfortable slipcover for all HowdaSEATS and HowdaHUGs, providing soft comfort to the back and bottom. It is particularly helpful for backs that need to have softness around the back and under the arms. It is also such a treat for the sensory people who need to have softness against their bodies. Here's what one customer says about the liner:

We love the shearling liner for our HowdaSEATS. We've used it at a parade, on the beach and at home on the couch. Thanks for the new accessory.

The liner slipcover is washable in cold water - no dryer.

Select your liner based on the size of chair you already own (or are purchasing today). If you have other fitting questions, check out our Sizing and Fit Tips page.


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