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Airtouch Adjustable-Height Worksurface by Steelcase

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Airtouch Adjustable-Height Worksurface by Steelcase. You'll feel the ergonomic difference with the Steelcase AirTouch Adjustable Workspace, for desktop height adjustability at a very competitive price. Increase productivity and decrease upper and lower body discomfort by matching the height of your work surface to your task. A quick touch of its ergonomic lift handle changes the height of the workspace for seated-to-standing comfort. Research shows that changing positions throughout the day increases blood flow, decreases lower and upper body discomfort, and increases productivity. AirTouch promotes healthy ergonomics, enabling users to change their working positions from seated to standing. It goes from seated to standing with just a light touch in 1.2 seconds (or slower if you choose). And because it's so quick and easy to adjust, AirTouch supports brief stand-up meetings and longer sit down meetings.Steelcase AirTouch Adjustable-Height WorksurfaceSpecificationsHeight range: 26- 43"with infinite incrementsAdjustment speed: seated height to standing height in 1.2 seconds Recommended Load Capacity: up to 50 lbs.(designed for laptops or monitor, light, and other standard office equipment.) Work surface screens also available in knit or laminate.Surface MaterialsBase: PlatinumColumn: PlatinumWorksurface: Warm White LaminatesCustom Programs: Open Line Laminates, PerfectMatch paintEnvironmentalWheatboard worksurfaces available 69% recycled content 98% recyclable. Installation Instructions You can view assembly and installation instructions here. Steelcase History Design isn't just about style. It's about integrity of materials, functional integrity and intent. — Glen Oliver L??w, designer of the Think chairAt the turn of the 20th century, steel construction was making building exteriors less flammable, but office interiors were still crowded with wooden furniture, and still heated and lighted by open flame appliances. Smoking presented another fire hazard because ashes were often dumped in wicker wastepaper baskets. Beginning in 1912 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, The Metal Office Furniture Company (renamed Steelcase in 1954) had just 15 employees and a single product — a fireproof, metal wastepaper basket named the Victor!Co-founder Peter M. Wege, a designer who had received several patents for sheet metal structures, was well aware of the fireproof benefits of metal office products. Wege and Chris Stone designed a metal office desk which won a bid for a federal contract, and thus the company began manufacturing office desks.During the 1930s, Metal Office collaborated with world-famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright to produce furniture for the S.C. Johnson & Sons in Racine building, which Life magazine called the most inspirational office building of the 20th century.During World War II, the company designed steel shipboard furniture for the U.S. Navy. A piece of Steelcase naval furniture was used for the historic signing of the surrender documents ending World War II.Beginning in 1975, Steelcase launched a series of advanced office chairs, including the Sensor chair that adapted to the body's movements; the Leap chair (1999), which addressed the correlation between back pain and worker productivity; and the Think™ chair (2004), an intuitive, mid-priced and environmentally sustainable product. Still newer ergonomic task chairs include Amia and Cobi, both offering the comfort and support of higher-priced chairs. Today, Steelcase, Inc. supplies thousands of products worldwide, including metal and wood office furniture, systems furniture, seating, computer support furniture, desks, tables, credenzas, filing cabinets, and office lighting. Shipping Recommendations Due to the weight and complexity of assembly for this product, Steelcase recommends White Glove Premium Inside Delivery. This service includes a delivery appointment, placement, unpacking, installation, and debris removal. Note: May take up to an extra 10 days for delivery. You can find additional information regarding our shipping options here. You can find complete assembly instructions here. ATP2454 28

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