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The Adjustable Small Adult HowdaSeat

Vendor: Everywhere Chair

If you are a slight adult, weighing around 130 lbs. or less this HowdaSeat is a perfect choice for you. All our HowdaSeats are beneficial and really make life easier on the back, upper and lower, as well as the neck and shoulders. Taking the weight off your back, while sitting, is a natural benefit of the winged slats that embrace you and give you a lift. There is no other seat, portable or otherwise, configured to do this ergonomic positioning. That, because the HowdaSeat slats are splayed out from bottom to top to give you a support, necessary for reducing back pain. Bring this HowdaSeat onto your bed to read, into our car while driving, on the plane while flying. It is a life saver. This seat is available only in black or natural canvas colors. Measurements: 16 wide X 15.5 high X 14.5D (hinge width).


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