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Happiness is the art of relaxation.

-Maxwell Maltz

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by frank | May 19, 2020, 9:46 PM


That over-priced-but-super-comfortable living room chair you bought awhile back might actually be the reason you've felt so inspired of late. And it sounds like you might want to drag it into your home office instead. You see, according to a new study, a whopping 84% of senior-level managers say environment is key when it comes to creativity — and comfort is too.

The study, which was conducted by Land Rover, organizational psychologist Sir Cary Cooper, and the Institute of Directors, polled 900 different directors, CEOs, and other high-level managers about what they thought were the most important factors when it came to inspiration in the workplace.

The results? Apparently, 36% said a comfortable seat was key, which is odd since office chairs aren't exactly known for being plush and cozy. Meanwhile, 18% also prefer a big and open space, 27% work best in silence, and 41% need unpolluted air to get their juices flowing.

So the next time you're in a creative rut, sounds like you have a few options: take a walk outside, turn off the music or go shopping for a new armchair. The choice is yours.

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